Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thrifting & Accessorizing .

SOOO... I believe i am obsessed with accessories (preferably rings), and thrifting .

such a shame -- finding bargains and lost GOODS at consignment and thrift shops was something that was once frowned upon.

*I absolutely love pairing tanks and simple tees w| long flowing skirts and even fitted/banded ones that contour your shape.
(in the U.K. w| rebecca)
top -- charlotte russe, skirt -- h&m, bag & hat -- thrifted

I've also began trying to take pieces and reinvent them for other uses. I just recently purchased 6 clip on earings from a thrift shop (3 pairs) and put them on a pair of solid colored PUMPS to spice them up. 
here's a rough example:

live it, love it, wear it .


  1. You are so adorable, love your style :)

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  3. i would love to have more accessories coz it spices any oufit.
    ps. i use a canon ixus 980 IS. :)

  4. you're right ching ; accessories can brighten any dull boring outfit & give it personality .

    thanks for the camera brand & model .

    ALYSSA .