Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pastels & Punch ...

listening to: Let's Call The Whole Thing Off
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

YAAAYY ! another post ! -- 
aside from the fact that I have just begun my THIRD 
year of college, I have been sooo busy w| 
lots & lots of other stuff so here it goes .

I wore this outfit to church
(My mother & brother didn't understand my combo lol

forgive the resolution in the first 3 pics.

skirt -- american apparel
shirt -- f21
(finetwinedlinen is an online vintage store 
which my cousin started some months ago]
the skirt is VERY flowy & made of chiffon.
lots of movement !
the top ties @ the neck
the BELT
 the BELT again . (i love it sooo much can u tell?]
did i mention i recieved my shoes from ALDO 
that were on my wants of the week post?
i loveeeee CHUNKY HEELS !

live it, love it, wear it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paisley .

its been TOO long guys & i apologize for the delay .
I guess i was waiting for a decent camera but I
started playing w| my mother's and I got some great shots
of an OUTFIT i wore last fri . -- all the pictures were taken w| 
her camera except the 1st one . (that's a blackberry shot]

I decided to be daring despite the fact
that people don't understand where
i get my COMBINATIONS from -- i guess i just don't care anymore .

... I think that's a good thing . 
paisley jacket -- Burlington
lime & gray tank -- F21
watch -- my mom's
(closeup of the watch]
 i love the BIG stones

 booties -- charlotte russe
bag --
 i LOVE LOVE LOVE the scrunched detail
on the back of these booties.
 closeup of the wicker bag .
 i thought it was soo cute that
the bag was actually a mini
picnic basket. ADORABLE !!

hope you guys ENJOY, gimme feedback.

live it, love it, wear it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Buys .

HELLO all !!
first I would like to thank you guys for all the comments.
i really feel loved .

It's been a while & i said I would tell you guys if i purchased anything from my "WANTS OF THE WEEK" list. good news: i got my taupe peep-toe pumps from ALDO, the camera hasn't made it's way yet...& i don't think I'll be getting the jacket since they're out of stock but it was worth the shot right ?

Anywhoo , I just received my --
[Sauber) Black pumps w| a wooden heel from ALDO
   They're awesome!

& i also got this coral gold-studded convertible hobo by

Soooo...I don't quite know how to wear these items or what to pair them w|...any suggestions? HELLPP ..

live it, love it, wear it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Style Check Please !

Presenting : my style icon
[ Lauren Conrad )
So while browsing through the checkout line goodies @ Home Goods -- my favorite home decorating store btw, I picked up her book entitled "STYLE

...& it talks about just that. she outlines everything from reinventing items to using one piece in your wardrobe and wearing it A TRILLION different ways

ISN'T SHE LOVELY?...lmbo :)
& here's the book
it was $13.OO
(adore this chick]
live it, love it, wear it .

Wants of the Week

so, I decided I'd dedicate a section in my blog every week to debut some items or an item that I REALLY REALLY WANT

My goal is to ACTUALLY purchase these items and when I get my camera, take photos of myself in them . 

here we go...
These pumps are about 5" heel &  are a type of taupe/beige color .
( I already have various outfits to go w| these babies ]

My Nikon SLR D31OO .
( this will be the STAR of my blog ]

Lastly, this lovely coat from
unfortunately they're soldout so I'm OUT OF LUCK .

pay day is THURSDAY so we'll see what I get .
I'll be sure to let you guys know .

live it, love it, wear it

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thrifting & Accessorizing .

SOOO... I believe i am obsessed with accessories (preferably rings), and thrifting .

such a shame -- finding bargains and lost GOODS at consignment and thrift shops was something that was once frowned upon.

*I absolutely love pairing tanks and simple tees w| long flowing skirts and even fitted/banded ones that contour your shape.
(in the U.K. w| rebecca)
top -- charlotte russe, skirt -- h&m, bag & hat -- thrifted

I've also began trying to take pieces and reinvent them for other uses. I just recently purchased 6 clip on earings from a thrift shop (3 pairs) and put them on a pair of solid colored PUMPS to spice them up. 
here's a rough example:

live it, love it, wear it .

In the Beginning ...

Good evening everyone & HAPPY 2O11 ! (thanking God for another year)* ; despite the fact that I have to be @ work early tomorrow morning, I have decided to create a fashion blog much like most members of BLOGSPOT which will have my personal fashion looks , my opinion on other looks and hopefully some fun purchases .

I hope you enjoy and feel free to contribute feedback . -- Please stay positive .
Let's give it a whirl !

live it, love it, wear it .